Sex Scene: The Fifth Element

This is the scene from The Fifth Element is about Ruby Rhod and the stewardess

Ruby Rhod (Tucker) is a popular radio host in the future; he's on an intergalactic trip as part of a prize given to a contest winner (Willis-Not featured in the clip.) Rhod has his groupies and he's about to engage in sex in a communal space. What what.

Was it consensual?
The Flight Attendant (Actress Unknown) seems to want to do it but needs some sweet talking and reassurance. Ruby is too eager and rushing through it, as he wants all positions because he swears he's never felt this way before...with a human. 

Was protection used?
It isn't insinuated or directly mentioned. 

What emotions were implied/inferred?
arousal, neediness, attraction, desperation

What sexual act(s) occurred?
kissing, insinuated cunnilingus, penetration, 

What can we learn from this scene?
People get turned on, people like living out fantasies, and people do risque things. Additionally, this lightly touches on the dichotomy that when it comes to sex that men/masculine centered people are predators and women/femmes are prey. This is a cult classic in pop and underground culture so a lot of people have that exaggerated experience etched in their mind...about the future. Though this scene is comical, in a hypothetical situation, and also imaginative with the element of futuristic space travel it is problematic. The technology, human to humanoid relationships, and wars have all advanced and changed from the then '90s way of life; yet, the idea of sex and how we go about getting it had not. 
So what does that imply about the sexual revolution or if there even was one?

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