Are You Feeling Like a Winner?

Then FYI, there's this crowdsourcing contest going on from 2BeatHIV. The goal is to get people using self-testing HIV kits. This is definitely a way of being proactive about one's own everyone else's sexual health. 

Crowdsourcing means reaching out to the community for ideas on how to implement programming preventative care & contribute to cure research. Using the community as a source of ideas means being more than a statistic but also a voice in the campaign for an HIV cure. 

This contest is simple coming up with the idea for what to do to get people to use self-testing kits and also participate in the next phase of designing the pop-up center. For the effort of coming up with an idea to promote product use to people like yourself and peers your getting possible prizes as well as being part of a radical improvement in preventative health and sex lives.


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