Sex Scene: Pretty Woman

Vivian & Edward Make Sweet Music.

Vivian (Roberts) is an escort hired by Edward (Gere). She agrees to stay with him overnight which turns into a full fledged love affair that becomes a relationship.

Was it consensual?
Yes, because Vivian was hired for a service and also fulfilled it in seductive ways and finessed it into a relationship.

Was protection used?
Not in this scene.

What emotions were implied/inferred?
Arousal & reconciliation.

What sexual act(s) occurred?
Sensual touching, light kissing, and cunnilingus.

What can we learn from this scene?
There are different ways to communicate desire and consent with verbal and non-verbal* communication.

Why this scene?
In this scene there was very little to no speaking. They essentially get straight to business. However, there's a sensitive topic looming that can make a potential magical moment...a crime. Consent. Here we encourage verbal consent on each occasion but depending on what you and your (consistent) partner have already communicated and established about how you like to be invited into sex that can include teasing or suggestive body language, which was depicted in this scene by her standing in front of him and intentionally placing her robed yoni in his face. Not to mention the premise of their relationship, Ed knew what was up.

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