Sex Scene: Love & Basketball

Monica Celebrates College by Gifting Quincy Her Virginity. 

Monica (Lathan) & Quincy (Epps) are neighbors who have grown up together since middle school. Over the years they've had a friendship that bonded over basketball as well as romantic tension. Quincy, a ladies-man, has been around the block being a good looking HS baller and all. Monica, athletic and laid-back, is a virgin*. We don't quite know what the degree of her virginity goes but we are to assume that she's never been touched intimately. Previously learning that her mom was anxious for her to "grow out of that tomboy thing," we are also to assume that she is less desirable than the more refined, girly girls; Her chastity is also hinted at in how awkward, uncomfortable, and unprepared she is during the preamble to her and Quincy's smash session.

Was it consensual?
Yes, because Monica invited Quincy in after giving him an impromptu kiss when he read her the acceptance letter.

"What was that about?" He asks her.
To which she agrees was odd, "I know right?"

Quincy then goes in for another kiss, one that's much more deeper and sensual as they lock lips one more time and tossle to the ground. While passionately kissing for the first time, Quincy is caressing her until Monica jolts up, abruptly ending the kiss. There's a lull between the two of them until she casually stands to look over her shoulder and say. "Come on..."

Was protection used?
Yes, Quincy took a condom from his pants pocket and put it on!

What emotions were implied/inferred?
Sexual tension, apprehension, curiosity, excitement.

What sexual act(s) occurred?
Kissing, deep kissing, light body caressing, and penetration;
Very little foreplay before penetration.

Also note how Quincy paid attention to her non-verbal reactions.
When Monica takes a deep breath at the sensation of him sliding inside her, he asks: "Do you want me to stop?" to which she shakes her head "No," as a response.

What can we learn from this scene?
Consent is best when given by the least aggressive person, at least if the situation is unsure or going through climatic changes.
It's important for the more aggressive person to wait for permission and/or to ask clear direct questions and adhere to their partner's boundaries.

Why this scene?
This scene has sentimental value to most millennials who have watched it incessantly. Most of us were close to middle school age and are presently pushing or barely in our 30s which means this movie made an impression on us in our youth, during our formative pubescent years. The age we are more aware of and wanting to express our sexuality with peers, whether explicitly or covertly. As we became older the movie's scene etched into our minds and (possibly) subconsciously served as a fantasy  or comparison point for first sexual encounters.

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