Moving Forward: Talking to Your Partner About STDs & Getting Tested.

OK, so you’ve had the convo about STDs and sexual health with your partner. Now what? Here are some tips to help you get in the mood and have great sex without all the awkwardness and concern…

1. Follow Through
More than likely with a conversation like this you make some promises and agreements. Keep them. The action solidifies the words, and something being solid is trustworthy. 

2. Be Consistent 
So this is no wham, bam, thank you ma'am kind of situation. Consistency is key here. You must be consistent with the agreements you made, be it getting tested regularly together, talking to the other person when you decide you want to have sex with other people, no matter what it is that has to be maintained throughout your relationship or dealings with the person to whom you made those promises. This isn't marriage but we're all human so even if this person is just a playmate of sorts they still deserve that respect. You could risk losing a compatible sex partner because you want to be lazy with responsibility and communication, which is the base of what a promise is. Do better!

3. Practice this conversation with friends and other partners.
Once you ease the tension about it in a comfortable environment it becomes as smooth as good sex. Be sure to ask open ended questions because it gives them the floor, automatically allows you to answer the same question and makes it an actual conversation instead of an interview. Bring your own personality to it, for instance I love games so I'd probably bring up my first conversation with a partner while we are playing Words With Friends. Do it how you see fit, the guide is just a strong place to start. 

Remember the first time you kissed someone or let your genitals touch? It was exciting but still a little nerve-wrecking because you wanted to enjoy yourself and have your partner enjoy themselves too. The more you did it the more experienced you became. Same with being proactive about sexual  health. The more you talk about it the more comfortable with it you become.

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